About Chairsupply

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Chairsupply.eu is a very experienced, fast-growing enterprise that designs, develops and produces desk chairs, work chairs and conference chairs.

All our products meet the European norms and some chairs also meet the Dutch NPR 1813 guideline. We expanded due to a carefully selected network of dealers in the Netherlands and abroad and exclusively distribute our products via these dealers.

It all started in 2006…
Cees van Westen and Bob Herber both have over 25 years of experience in the field of project design and decided to join forces in a shared enterprise called Chairsupply. On a visit to an international trade fair, they met a Taiwanese manufacturer of desk chair parts. With this partner, the first product was created: the “706”. Now over 100,000 chairs of that first model have been produced and sold, which has made us quite proud!

After that, the organisation kept going. CSR has become an increasingly important topic in our operational management and the growth of the company called for higher efficiency in warehousing and administrative organisation. Many models were added to the collection, every one of them doing very well. The stock, price/quality ratio, the private-label concept, the high level of service and customer focus are the ingredients for making the company a success, together with the team and a number of dedicated sales agents.

Now, the family has expanded to include around 40 people, with five companies under the parent company 706 Seating Group: Chairsupply, Spindl, Workware, BenCamp and Sit-On. Each has its own unique models, character, target group and plans for the future…


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